The average Mothership retail connection is worth $18k per year

But what does Mothership do ?

Mothership lets Shopify stores connect together to form private drop shipping networks. Stores on the network act as suppliers or retailers, and access the network through separate apps. Suppliers offer their inventory to retailers and manage orders using the Supplier app; Retailers add products from suppliers and manage orders using the Retailer app. This simple relationship lies at the heart of Mothership, and coupled with a suite of automation functions gives you the unparalleled reach and efficiency to grow your drop ship channel sales- all in a cheap to deploy and simple to use app. Pretty cool, huh?

Mothership helps you drive growth in your drop ship channel!

Streamline drop ship operations across your supply chain

Growth, not grind

All of your drop ship orders in your Shopify dashboard

Easy to set up, easy to use

Use Mothership to leverage the power of Shopify's 500,000+ merchants. Connect stores together in a private drop shipping network and access new products and customers with a few clicks!

Don't spend another minute managing drop ship inventory. Mothership keeps everyone updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions, all synced in real-time across your network

Mothership keeps all your drop ship orders organized in your Shopify order feed. And because the system is smart, every one is auomatically updated on changes in fulfillment status- including the customer when their order ships

Worried about non-techies in your organisation or at your retailers not being able to use Mothership? We've got you covered- Mothership was designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, and since everything runs inside the Shopify dashboard so there are no complicated tools for you or your retailers to learn to use

The average Mothership supplier connects to 22 retailers

Is Mothership the right solution for your business?

For companies looking to streamline and grow their existing Shopify drop ship operations Mothership offers a uniquely powerful suite of features to manage and build a private drop shipping network

1 Connection


  • checkSupplier and Retailer apps
  • checkConnect to any 1 Shopify store
  • check24/7 product support
  • checkLimit 5000 products
  • closeBranded app
2-5 Connections


  • checkSupplier and Retailer apps
  • checkConnect up to 5 Shopify stores
  • check24/7 product support
  • checkLimit 7000 products
  • closeBranded app
6-10 Connections


  • checkSupplier and Retailer apps
  • checkConnect up to 10 Shopify stores
  • check24/7 product support
  • checkLimit 10,000 products
  • closeBranded app
11+ Connections

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  • checkSupplier and Retailer apps
  • checkUnlimited connections
  • check24/7 product support
  • checkUnlimited products
  • checkBranded app

We have flexible pricing options for every level of drop shipping activity. And because we understand the importance of customer service, we always provide the same high level of onboarding and product support for all your network partners, regardless of what plan your business is on